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Cat Trainer Gets Dogs, Cat To Rock To Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' Video

Bay Area native animal trainer Robert Dollwet's video of the Pharrell Williams song "Happy" is going viral thanks to a pack of expertly choreographed dogs and an unlikely swimming cat, demonstrating that few creatures demonstrate happiness better than our four-legged friends.

Dollwet created the music video of animals at the beach with underwater cameras, dogs-eye-views, and cat-eye-views, all synchronized to "Happy."

HAPPY DOGS & CAT in AUSTRALIA - Pharrell Williams "HAPPY" song by CATMANTOO on YouTube

It's not his first video of crazy cats and dogs. He actually taught a cat, Didga how to skateboard, and his YouTube channel, CATMANTOO has plenty of viral video proof of his success training cats over the past 33 years.

After moving from Lucas Valley where he attended Novato High School, he lived in Australia and began training dogs for the Australian military, and then moved to Hollywood where he trained animal actors for movies and TV. He uses "clicker training" and non-aversive training methods, but really enjoys teaching PEOPLE that they can do it too.

On his website, he mentions training animals for Mel Gibson, Olivia Newton John, Pamela Anderson, James Cameron, and Dick Clark.

If you want to see how he does it, he has plenty of how-to videos to get you started:

ANIMAL TRAINER TO THE STARS: Robert Dollwet's Website

And... in case you missed it, here's our sister station, CBS's Radio Alice's HAPPY video:

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