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Car Burglars Big Fans Of San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Area

KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- Recent data from San Francisco Police shows that auto break-ins are on the rise, up 31 percent – and one of the city's most popular spots with tourists is one of the worst hotspots for car burglaries.

Thieves are preying on unsuspecting tourists at Fisherman's Wharf, who may not know any better than to leave valuables in plain view in their cars.

Jen from Denver was alarmed when she heard the news before visiting and took precautions to protect her things.

"It's really kind of sad actually that people seem to prey on other people. It's kind of scary. I know I was coming here today, and I was like, 'just make sure you don't bring anything that could possibly get taken,' left it at the hotel," she said.

It's not just tourists getting hit. Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood resident Jay said his car was recently broken into and burglarized as well.

"We parked in front of a post, and there was a light, and there's so many cars that they could have chosen, but why? Why our car? But, then it was like, there's bags, and bags equal money," he said.

San Francisco Police haven't been surprised by the recent rise in property crime after the penalties were reduced in California.

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