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Camera captures footage of mountain lion roaming Livermore backyard

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A mountain lion was caught on camera Monday morning in this backyard near near Findlay Way and Hillcrest Avenue.  Courtesy of Livermore Police

LIVERMORE (CBS SF/BCN) – Livermore police said security cameras captured footage of a mountain lion in someone's backyard Monday morning. 

At about 2:30 a.m., what animal control officers said was a juvenile male that likely came from nearby open space was in the backyard of a home near Findlay Way and Hillcrest Avenue and may have been looking for water.

The homeowner told police there haven't been any additional sightings since the cat was caught on a surveillance camera.

Police said mountain lions occasionally wander into urban environments and will return to their natural habitat on their own. If someone sees a mountain lion, it's best to report it to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife so they have a complete list of sightings and can determine if intervention is needed.

Officials also recommend keeping pets and animals indoors, especially late at night. Do not approach or otherwise attempt to interact with or capture the mountain lion. If someone does come across a mountain lion, they should not run, but rather face the animal, stand upright, wave their arms, and make noise to scare the animal off.

They also suggest installing motion-sensitive lighting around the house, trimming brush to reduce hiding places and always to practice situational awareness.

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