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Caltrans Workers Startled To Find Human Skull In Oakland Homeless Encampment

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- Caltrans workers were trying to figure out why a man in a West Oakland homeless camp was carrying around a human skull.

The encampment is under the overpass at 7th and Castro Streets.

According to the Oakland Tribune, workers were quite surprised to see the man carry the skull out of his tent as he was getting evicted. Apparently the area has been designated as state property.

When questioned, the man told them he dug it up.

"It was crazy," tweeted one worker. "Like its some sort of trophy."

For now, the fate of the skull remains as mysterious as its origins.

Oakland police officers came to the encampment, talked to the man and decided to turn the skull over to the Alameda County coroner's bureau. They will determine if the skull was, in fact, human and whose skull it was.

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