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California's Voter Turnout Expected To Reach New Low In Tuesday Primary

SACRAMENTO (KCBS) — California has set a new record for poor voter turnout in three consecutive gubernatorial primaries, and it appears that Tuesday's turnout is expected to hit an all-time low when polls open.



Secretary of State Debra Bowen no longer projects turnout, partly because she doesn't want voters to be discouraged when they find out how low it's expected to be.

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California's Voter Turnout Expected To Reach New Low

But Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll, said there's so little voter interest in this primary that - for the first time in memory - he didn't bother doing a final, pre-election survey.

"Voters in a primary are not all that enthusiastic about turning out to begin with in the last three gubernatorial primaries, for example, only about a third of California's registered voters have turned out," DiCamillo said. "This cycle, it's probably going to be even lower than that and that's because there really isn't any statewide that's engaging voters in the selection."

Gov. Jerry Brown is seen a shoo-in re-election as the fight among the GOP for the second spot is not enough to motivate most voters, and there are no major state ballot measures.

The last three gubernatorial primaries, the turnout of registered voters has dropped to a new record low each time, and DiCamillo thinks that's likely again—with between 25 and 32 percent voting.


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