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California GOP Convention held in San Francisco Bay Area

Gov. Kristi Noem speaks at California Republican convention in Burlingame
Gov. Kristi Noem speaks at California Republican convention in Burlingame 03:15

The Bay Area played host to the California Republican Party Convention this weekend.  

It was Trump-heavy convention in that the keynote speakers are Donald Trump's daughter-in-law and Eric Trump's wife, Lara Trump and South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem.

"Focus solely on election integrity because, let's be honest, we can never repeat 2020 ever again," said Lara Trump, the new Republican National Committee co-chair.

She hinted at what Donald Trump had said was a stolen election in 2020 even though there is no evidence of that. At the convention dinner banquet, Lara Trump said she's confident her father-in-law will come on top with a "landslide" victory.

"On November 5th, we will know decisively Donald Trump will be our next president of The United States," declared Lara Trump.

Earlier on Saturday afternoon, Governor Noem praised Trump for his leadership.

"I'm very good friends with him.  I talk to him all the time," said Governor Noem.

She highlighted her state's success and how her policies aligned with Trump.

"We took a very different pathway through Covid than what your governor did. South Dakota was the only state in the country that never once closed a single business. We never once mandated masks or vaccines," said Governor Noem.

She took jabs at California Governor Gavin Newsom, President Joe Biden, and even Former President Barack Obama.

"That guy can talk, too. If there ever was anybody who could talk smoothly and lie at the same time, it was President Obama," said Governor Noem.

Noem was said to be a possible running mate for Trump until a dog shooting controversy.

"I think she would make a great running mate for him," said convention attendee Ashley Parrant Stiles.

"She's a tough gal, she makes tough decisions, and that's what we need," said David Preston, a Republican from Central Valley.

One prominent Republican who was a no-show at the convention was Senate candidate Steve Garvey.  Some political experts said he's trying to distance himself from Trump to win over independent voters.

"Why isn't he here? Steve Garvey, where are you? If you're going to bat one out of the park, you should be here because we're the people that are doing the batting for you," said Doris Gentry, Napa County Republican Party Chair.

Some moderate Republicans said they understand the strategy.

"For the party leadership, it's a balancing act. There are many strong Trump supporters.  And then there are people who are skeptical. They have to accommodate all sides and it's really like walking on a tightrope," said Ted Stroll of San Jose. 

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