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California Doctor Wins Millions In Suit Against Anthem Blue Cross After Decade-Long Battle

SAN FERNANDO (CBS SF) -- A California doctor took on healthcare giant Anthem Blue Cross in court has won his battle.

Dr. Jeffrey Nordella's battle with Anthem lasted over a decade, and left him in financial ruin.

"In the end, it was worth the battle." Nordella said.

The fight began in the late 1990's, when Nordella says the health insurance provider denied tests and procedures for his patients over and over again.

"It was a continual process of harassment, of denial to the people and patients, and it put them somewhat in the center of it, which was unfair."

Nordella ended up providing the care to his patients at his own cost, forcing him to eventually close his clinic.

When he tried to rebuild his practice in 2010, he says Anthem barred him from its network, so he sued.

In April 2013 after a seven week jury trial, he was awarded $4.5 million when the jury decided Anthem had black balled Dr. Nordella.  He was also awarded an undisclosed amount in compensation.

At his new clinic in the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Nordella said he wished more doctors would fight.

"The insurance companies are making these calls and they're making it, to me, unjustly and unfairly in a process of due diligence where they make it off a piece of paper, and not on a face to face meeting with people."

Nordella says he is working on a book and screenplay about his fight.

Anthem Blue Cross declined a request for comment.

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