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California Delegation Helps Quell Republican Convention Floor Fight

KCBS_740CLEVELAND (KCBS) -- The loud and loyal California delegation played a key role in quashing a delegate rebellion on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Ted Cruz supporters and other members of the "Dump Trump" movement tried to force a roll call vote on the Rules Committee report that delegates must vote for the candidate to whom they're committed. If they'd succeeded, hundreds of delegates might have voted for other candidates, embarrassing the presumptive nominee.

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But they were voted down and shouted out, with a huge assist from the California delegates, all of whom back Trump. They were strategically placed for just this eventuality, and fulfilled their role with chants of 'USA!" and "We Want Trump!"

There was commotion and chaos on the convention floor during the uprising, but delegate Robert Bernofsky waved it off, as just so much sour grapes. "It's not chaos or insanity. This is democracy in progress. There's no real drama here."

Former Congressman Doug Ose of Sacramento made a key motion that helped quell the rebellion. "Everybody had a chance to speak their piece," he told KCBS. "I know there are some people who are disappointed, but they didn't have the votes."

The California delegates stayed loud all night, shouting down several protesters, including a Code Pink demonstrator from San Francisco.

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