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Businesses at Oakland shopping center say they've become targets of weekly robberies

Businesses in Oakland's Redwood Heights neighborhood face repeat robberies in constant crime wave
Businesses in Oakland's Redwood Heights neighborhood face repeat robberies in constant crime wave 03:58

OAKLAND — Some of the businesses at the Lincoln Square shopping center in Oakland said they have become targets of weekly robberies.  

Surveillance video from the liquor store shows people inside stealing liquor bottles, going into the register and getting into an altercation with the store employee. One of the suspects used a fire extinguisher to spray the store.

The owner spoke with KPIX, but wishes not to be identified.

"It happens here in this shopping center at least a couple times a week," said the business owner.

The store remains partially boarded up from the constant break-ins.

They said they always call police and have reached out to their property manager, TRC Corporation Property Management for help. The owner said they told the shops they would hire more security, but they haven't seen any additional personnel.

KPIX also reached out to the company but haven't heard back . For the business owner, the break-ins are taking a toll.

"After we had the break-ins then we don't have any money left to pay the rent. Then, I talked to the landlord; they didn't care," said the business owner.

Just down the hill at the Chevron, they too are being plagued with similar problems.

Omar Rathod, has been the general manager at this Chevron for 42 years and shared that break-ins and robberies have become the norm.

"They try to break into that, so we usually leave that drawer wide open and we leave the shutters open," said Rathod.

The gas station has had back-to-back break-ins. The latest one happening on Sunday, stealing everything from tools, oil and sodas. It's less than 200 dollars' worth of stuff and about $8,000 worth of damage to the windows, Rathod said.

"It's not the first time this is happening over and over again," he added.

Rathod adds that the gas station is locally owned, and they have reached out to Oakland police each time a break-in happens.

We also reached out to OPD and were told the following in an email:

"We are still awaiting a response from our Burglary Unit. The Crime Analysis Section advised they will look at the data, but that the earliest they could respond would be tomorrow (Tuesday)." 

Rathod said he and other store managers talk daily about this and would like more police presence, but say they are not sure what else to do.

"I am doing my best to run a business and make ends meet," said Rathod. 

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