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Bright 'X' sign at former Twitter headquarters removed from roof

PIX Now Monday morning edition -- 7/31-2023
PIX Now Monday morning edition -- 7-31-2023 08:59

SAN FRANCISCO — Video shows the brightly illuminated 'X' sign on the roof of the former Twitter headquarters on Market Street in San Francisco was taken down late Monday morning.

Workers were spotted taking the sign down Monday morning, about three days after it was installed.

The bright sign was also flashing at night, which irritated some area residents, and prompted several complaints. According to Department of Building Inspection spokesperson Patrick Hannan, an inspector tried to get onto the building's roof as complaints rolled in but was twice denied access.

"I thought it was lightning, and I was very confused. I went to my window, I looked around, I didn't see anything. I thought it was maybe a police siren," said resident Patricia Wallinga, who lives across the street.

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Dismantled 'X' sign on roof of former Twitter headquarters
'X' sign after being dismantled on the roof of former Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. CBS SF

Meanwhile, San Francisco city officials said they had opened a complaint and were investigating the sign installation. According to the city, erecting a sign on top of a building requires a permit for design and safety reasons.

Hannan said a permit is needed to remove the structure as well, but, "due to safety concerns, the permit can be secured after the structure is taken down." The property owners will be billed for permit fees for the installation and removal of the sign and to cover the cost of the city's investigation.

There has been a flurry of activity at the building since the rebranding of Twitter to X commenced last week after Musk repeatedly teased the name change.

Work to remove Twitter's logo at the building was previously stopped by police, saying they hadn't taped off the sidewalk to keep pedestrians safe if anything fell.

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