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Breast Cancer Survivors Push For Pink CA License Plates To Raise Awareness

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but a group of Bay Area women want that drive that message home all year long by using our cars.

Chere Rush and Deborah Bordeau are both fighting the disease. Their common battle has united them and created a special sisterhood.

They are on a mission to cover California roads with pink license plates to raise awareness for breast cancer.

"We wanted to do something that would have a 365 day a year, 24-7 impact, and we realized that other states had breast cancer awareness specialized plates, and we were a little surprised that California did not," says Bordeau.

The DMV requires 7,500 pre-orders before the pink plates can start rolling onto the roads.

The women believe that these plates will bring an invaluable message that early detection is important in the battle against breast cancer.

"A reminder every day for women how important it is to know your body, to check yourself. Go to the doctor. Don't think that it's nothing. It will go away like I did. It didn't go away, and by the time I went in it spread all over my whole body," says Rush.

She wants the roads painted pink to help send an important message.

"Having the plates on the road will be so amazing, to see the roads all pink, because we know it's gonna save so many women's lives," she says.

The campaign is getting close but it will still need more orders before the DMV manufactures the pink ribbon plate.

To find out how to help make this breast cancer awareness goal a reality on California streets and roads, go to

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