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Brazen Sideshow Near Oracle Arena Caught On Video

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- A wild sideshow at the Interstate 880 off-ramp near Oracle Arena was caught on camera Friday night, but police never heard about it.

Dozens of cars blocked the onramp at Coliseum Way and performed donuts and spinouts before a crowd.

Later Saturday, there was still plenty of evidence. Skid marks darkened the entire intersection.

Bay Area authorities have been trying to crack down on illegal sideshows but Oakland police said they never got word of this one.

On the video one can hear tires squealing and see a haze of smoke from burnt rubber, as cars perform donuts dangerously close to dozens of people. Some are standing in the middle of the action and filming the stunts, as drivers whip their cars around.

Police said there is zero tolerance for these illegal stunts. Sideshow participants have been arrested and their cars impounded.

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