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Boy Who Had BART-Themed Party Invited On Exclusive Tour By Transit Agency

(KPIX 5) -- A train-loving four-year-old boy who recently had a BART-themed birthday party was invited by the transit agency to spend Wednesday on an exclusive tour of operations.

Aiden Morales may be small, but his love of BART is huge--he just had a BART-themed birthday party, complete with a BART cake, BART tickets and even BART piñata.

"He loves the train. He Loves BART," said Jennifer Morales, Aiden's mom.

BART Kid Aiden Morales
Aiden high-fives a BART train operator (CBS)

Morales said it all started with Thomas the Tank Engine until they rode BART one fateful day. "The first time we went on BART, he was

Aiden Morales BART Birthday Party
Aiden's BART pinata

two, we went to a Dodgers-Giants game, we went on there and he loved it," she said.

It's been all about BART for Aiden ever since. His mom posted some birthday photos of his party and BART Spokesperson Alicia Trost saw them.

"We reached out to the family and said, 'Boy, we'd just like to meet you and spend some time with you any day!'" said Trost.

BART invited the little fan to meet one of the train engineers and spend the day riding BART. Trost announced his birthday on the train PA. "We've got Aiden on the train, he's four years old. Happy birthday!"

"He knows all the station names and everything, he can look up at the map and point out where we live and where his aunts live," said Jennifer.

Trost enjoyed the moment, saying, "I was trying to give him some BART trivia, but he really just wanted to meet the train operator. He just wants to hear the horn. I don't blame him."

Trost didn't mind the BART piñata being battered at Aiden's party with a bat. "For a birthday, that's OK. Sometimes we all want to kick the train a little bit," she said.

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