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Box Of Dog Poop Left For Package Thief After Vallejo Homeowner Gets Fed Up

VALLEJO (KPIX 5) -- A Vallejo homeowner fed up with package thefts from his front porch left a stinky surprise boxed up for the thief with a little help from his dog.

The first package disappeared from Bryan Nalette's doorstep back in October.  "It never showed up," Nalette said.

He thought it was just a mix-up until it happened again with some Christmas presents last week.

"Two days after it was supposed to show up, just an empty cardboard box with the shipping address was on there so we figured someone was opening them up, stealing the stuff and leaving the box behind."

Bryan felt violated by the thefts.  "It's just a personal thing.  I don't like being stolen from, as I don't think anybody does."

So, Bryan left a decoy package on his doorstep with a nasty surprise inside.

"I filled up the third box with dog crap," Nalette told KPIX 5, and sure enough the next day the box was gone.

"I wish I could've been there in the car when they opened up the box," Nalette said.

Nalette turned surveillance images of the thief over to Vallejo police.

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