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Better Together: South City Seniors Facility Builds Outdoor Living Room for Family Visits

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- Across the Bay Area, seniors in assisted-living homes have been living in near isolation since March. At the Aegis Living home for seniors in South San Francisco, they've come up with an idea to safely bring families back together for the holidays.

Aegis Living general manager, Chris Lyons calls it an outdoor living room. "It's a pretty thick piece of glass and a wood frame on wheels," he explained.

It's not perfect but it lets seniors sit outside, warm and safe, and allows their families to visit with them in person.

Julie Lozano is spending time with her husband Eddy. She recalled the first time they met 60 years ago. "My cousin told me ... 'Come on! There are some visitors at home and there's this one guy there who's really good looking!'"

Julie says Eddy's memory isn't what it used to be. Thursday afternoon, they sat together and enjoyed some pumpkin pie. Two of Eddy's daughters were there too. Liza Lozano paused to consider the outdoor visiting booth. "It works, for the purposes of being able to see him. I don't see another way," she said.

Visits are scheduled to last 45 minutes and the furniture and partitions are wiped clean between sessions. It's an odd way to celebrate Thanksgiving but we're all living in odd times.

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