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Best Bakeries In San Francisco

There are hundreds of bakeries in San Francisco, and they are all so different. Some specialize in breads, others in cakes. One thing is for sure, these are the places the locals go when they want their gluten cravings quenched. I can smell the butter in the air already.
ACME Bread Company
ACME's bread. (credit: Joanne Boston)

ACME Bread Company

1 Ferry Bldg
Marketplace Shop #15
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 288-2978
Acme Bread Co.

It is a must to visit this artisan shop whenever making a trip to the Ferry Building Marketplace. From their gorgeous slabs of ciabatta to their fresh baguettes, you will always find the right hand-form loaf or roll for your dining needs. ACME supplies bread to many restaurants in the City, not only for sopping up oil and vinegar or spreading butter on, but also to make sandwiches with. Go next door to Cowgirl Creamery and grab a nice Mt. Tam cheese to slather on the pain au levain, similar to sourdough. It's guaranteed - you will love it.

Golden Gate Bakery
Egg custard tarts from Golden Gate Bakery. (credit: Joanne Boston)

Golden Gate Bakery

1029 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 781-2627
Golden Gate Bakery

Everyone knows the best dan tat, or egg custard tarts come from Golden Gate Bakery in the heart of SF's Chinatown. The weekend crowds of tourists and die-hard fans can be overwhelming, so the best time to come in and sample these are on weekday afternoons. If you are lucky, they will be pulling pans out of the oven, revealing hot, not too sweet, tarts waiting to be devoured. Don't waste your time buying just one. Be sure you walk out of there with a large pink box. You will thank me.

John Campbell's Irish Bakery
John Campbell's Irish Bakery. (credit:

John Campbell's Irish Bakery

5625 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 387-1536
John Campbell's Irish Bakery

The ideal start of any morning is a cup of coffee and a warm buttered scone from John Campbell's. Be there bright and early to see what the day's offering may be. Lunch may be one of their vegetable focaccias, similar to pizza, and dinner can be a filling shepard's pie topped with mashed potatoes. Shortbread cookies for dessert wouldn't hurt either. The friendly staff is always there to lend any assistance with a smile. Don't forget the soda bread for a midnight snack. You can't go wrong here.

Macarons from La Boulange
Macarons from La Boulange. (credit: Joanne Boston)

La Boulange

2325 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 440-0356
La Boulange

La Boulange on Pine Street is the "mother" bakery meaning this is where you will find the freshest goods. There are several boulangeries around the city (Market, Polk, Union), and each location is consistent. They use organic flour resulting in outstanding baked treats, like the incredible chocolate-hazelnut croissant that is so flaky and buttery. The French macarons are beautiful - taste the pistachio or chocolate.

Schubert's Bakery
A specialty cake from Schubert's. (credit: Joanne Boston)

Schubert's Bakery

521 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 752-1580
Schubert's Bakery

Open since 1911, Schubert's Bakery is a go-to spot for folks to order special occasion cakes. The Swedish Princess cake with its luscious white cake layers, raspberry and kirsch custard filling, whipped cream and bright green marzipan icing is amazing! Any princess would love that served to them on their special day. Cakes are available by the slice or in individual portions. The white chocolate-raspberry is also a winner.

Tartine Bakery
Goodies at Tartine Bakery. (credit: Joanne Boston)

Tartine Bakery

600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 487-2600
Tartine Bakery

Tartine Bakery is quite possibly the most sought-after bakery in the Mission. In the morning, warm up to a cup of coffee and an orange-infused morning bun. Your senses will be aroused by the tender dough and sweet aroma. Here for dessert? The lemon cream tarts topped with whipped cream is to die for. The tangy filling is smooth and delectable and the crust is buttery, almost like a cookie. One of the top desserts in the City.

Joanne Boston
Joanne Boston (credit: Joanne Boston)

Joanne Boston is a food blogger from San Francisco who is always on the lookout for great food. She loves hosting twEAT-ups with fellow foodies and enjoys learning about the restaurant scene in any city she visits. Catch her on her blog and on Twitter @joanneisafoodie.

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