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Berkeley Teacher Who Protested Neo-Nazi Rally Returns To Classroom

BERKELEY (KPIX 5) -- A Bay Area teacher was caught on camera punching a man while she protested a neo-Nazi rally. It was that act of violence that got her kicked out of the classroom.

But, now she's back.

Berkeley teacher Yvette Felarca was caught on camera pushing and shoving a man at a Neo-Nazi rally.

Felarca works at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, a place dedicated to a man who practiced non-violent protests.

Felarca hired a lawyer and is now back with her students. But she is still fighting her case in court.

The violence at the Sacramento protest even left her with a head wound.

Her fight at the capitol quickly erupted into a fight with the Berkeley Unified School District.

The school district forced Felarca into administrative leave in September, following the melee.

But six weeks later, she's back with her students.

"I am so happy to be back...the students blew up balloons and held a party for me in my first period class," she said.

The school district said in a statement "We can't comment further on the matter due to confidentiality requirements regarding personnel matters."

Felarca said the school district agreed to let her back at Martin Luther King Jr Middle School after a meeting with her attorney and her union Tuesday.

But her battle isn't done. She's continuing a lawsuit against the school district. She's claiming political discrimination and violations of academic freedom.

"Because it's important that no one else have to go through this," Felarca said. "That I stand up for my rights...but also that other people come out of this more protected."

And Felarca is standing by her actions in June.

"It's clear the nazis are the violent ones...I'm very proud that we stood up for ourselves, defended ourselves and defended each other," she said.

The next court hearing for Felarca's lawsuit against the district is scheduled for December 8.

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