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Beer Here! Oakland Coliseum Brings Back In-Seat Suds Service

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- For the first time in more than three decades adult baseball fans in Oakland can buy a beer at the Coliseum without leaving their seats.

That'll be nine bucks, please.

On Thursday night, the Oakland Coliseum introduced seat-side beer service at A's games. If you remember the last time you saw such a thing in person then you're officially ... of a certain age.

According to the A's, California pro teams stopped direct-to-seat beer sales in the mid-1980s to discourage drunk driving. That changed last month when the San Diego Padres reinstated the practice.

Noe Torres was among the vendors at Thursday night's game who noted how a seat-delivered cold one was the hot commodity. He remembered being too young to sell beer thirty years ago when he hawked snacks in the stands at Candlestick Park.

"All the old guys were selling the beer ... it was the best-seller," Torres said.

The A's say they have partnered with ride-hailing companies to curb drunk driving.

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