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Beefed Up Orphan Bear Cubs Released Back Into NorCal Wilderness

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS SF) -- Two bear cubs who spent the winter fattening up rather than sleeping in were released at the Hoopa Indian Reservation near Eureka on Thursday.

Sayler was just 24 pounds when he arrived at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care in December. Hoopa, who was rescued after getting stuck on the backstop of a school baseball diamond, weighed about 20 pounds.

California Fish and Wildlife decided it was best for the cubs, both underweight, to spend the winter eating and building up body fat at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.

The two bears became close friends and within 4.5 months doubled their weight.

On Thursday, a veterinarian affixed ear tags and put them into a travel trailer to be transported back up to Humboldt County.

Hoopa was found stuck on the backstop of a baseball diamond. (Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center)

Typically bears don't split from their mothers until close to a year and a half of age. It's not clear what caused the separation for these cubs.


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