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Bay Street mall workers on edge after large brawl involving dozens of teens

Bay Street mall workers hoping for more security measures after large weekend brawl
Bay Street mall workers hoping for more security measures after large weekend brawl 03:17

Many workers and guards at Bay Street in Emeryville said when the mall was suddenly swarmed with multiple groups of teens brawling on Sunday, they were confused and frightened.

Some are hoping for more security measures to keep them safe.

A witness shared new video of the moments after the melee, where young people can be seen running down Bay Street. 

Multiple agencies including the California Highway Patrol and Alameda County Sheriff's Office rushed over to backup Emeryville police, as they tried to control the mobs of teens.

One gunshot was fired, one person was stabbed, and workers at stores like Bath & Body Works locked themselves in the stock room. 

"I would definitely say they were very worried," said store manager Ashleigh Wells of her employees. 

Wells said she's disappointed the store hasn't received any communication regarding Sunday's violence. 

"Whether it's law enforcement, whether it's the mall management, just any communication about what was going on would have been great. I think finding out on social media is a little — I mean I know social media is a big presence in everybody's life but when you're like what, it was this crazy yesterday," she said. 

Police said the drama started with about 50 teens in one store before it escalated outside. 

The AMC theater told moviegoers to evacuate on what was National Cinema Day. Showings were just $4.

On Monday, Council member Kalimah Priforce rode his bike to Bay Street and spent the afternoon visiting nearly every store to ask employees about their experience and sense of safety.

"A lot of stores that can't afford private guards, they need panic buttons, a direct line to the police, so they don't actually have to pick up the phone, call the police dispatch," explained Priforce.  

He said he would work to advocate for such technology, as well as license plate readers in the city of Emeryville. 

While he was at Bay Street mall, Kalimah himself needed to call police, when he discovered his wallet and keys had been stolen from his bike bag. 

"The thing is that they're not going to get much from it, I am on a politician's budget," he joked. "But no, everything is digital now. The criminals will adapt and we have to adapt with them."

He said he plans to help arrange a town hall with district attorney Pamela Price in light of Sunday's mayhem. 

Wells said the most common crime the store deals with regularly is shoplifting.

"We get your typical rowdiness I guess, but nothing crazy," she said. "We've never been in a situation that was like yesterday, ever."

Bay Street mall did not return KPIX's request for comment.   

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