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Bay Area's Best Non-Traditional Sandwiches

Lobster roll at the Old Port Lobster Shack (credit:

Eye on the Bay's Brian Hackney filled his stomach as he traveled to all parts of the Bay Area searching for some new sandwich flavors.

Rather than debate the best of the traditional subs, Brian looked for exotic options that most readers probably haven't tried before. He picked nine spots that received great reviews by staff, fans and food enthusiasts from the website Yelp. For fun, we rated each tasty sandwich on taste, value and appearance, (up to 10 points for each) for a total score of up to 30.

Here are the top three scorers:

First Place - "Brazilian Tri Tip"

24 points - Price: Under $10
The Tri Tip is the best seller at this tiny corner Brazilian eatery. The #84 is topped with cilantro, garlic sauce, peppers, cheese, olives, pineapples, onions and more on fresh bread. Make sure to grab some napkins, you are going to get messy.

Second Place - "Menage a Trois"

22.5 points - Price: $11.11
This relative newcomer has quickly become a hit in San Francisco's Castro District. Ike says the aioli "dirty sauce" that lends a unique flavor to their breads. The Menage a Trois layers chicken breast, barbecue honey mustard sauce, honey, swiss, havarti, and gouda. Don't be surprised if you have to wait in line.

Third Place (Tie) – "Meatball with Jalapenos and Jack Cheese"

21 points - Price: $6.75
This shop was once the landing spot of a Babe Ruth home run, but now it is better known for it's Italian-inspired delights.

Third Place (Tie) – "Lobster Roll"

21 points - Price: $18.75
For an upscale sandwich, try the four ounce Lobster Roll. It may not be as massive as some of the other opinions, but it has the rich flavor to satisfy your hunger.

Now let's be clear, the following places all scored just under the third place score of 21 points, because after all, we picked places with great sandwiches to begin with. If you're looking for sandwiches that have an incredible value for what you get, try these:

"Pulled Pork Sandwich"

Price: $5.95
A former tech professional opened up this East Bay hangout and never looked back. The pulled pork sandwich is among their most popular creations. The heaping sandwich comes with a side of potato salad.

"Mortadella, Salami, Ham & Swiss"

Price: $4.50 to $5.50
The fresh garlic sauce is the secret at this Belmont favorite.

"Thit Nuong"

Price: $2.50
If you are looking for great value, this San Jose shop won't disappoint. Pick from a variety of Vietnamese-style sandwiches.

"Little Lucca Combo"

Price: $5.50
Channel 5 employees say this is the place to go for a sandwich around Burlingame. The Little Luca combo is the most traditional looking sandwich in our rankings. It a massive ball of meat and cheese. That will fill you up for the day.

"Pollo Milanese"

Price range: Under $10
This south-of-the-border style sandwich shop offers a wide range of options that are sure to satisfy any hungry luncher.

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