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Bay Area Voters Watch Ballot Counting Drama With Intense Interest

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- As the Bay Area and the nation await election results, many Americans have been left in a lingering state of suspended tension and anxiety.

Some are glued to televisions for the latest numbers, while others are trying to get away from it all, with little success.

"Yeah, it's gotten crazy," said Ron Brown of Danville. "I know every county in every state. I'm going, 'This is a little too much already.'"

Even if you tried to get out and escape it all Thursday, it was looming, whether on the television or your phone or maybe just the back of your head.

"You want to stay engaged and be involved," said Adam Alling. "But if you pay too close attention, you are going to drive yourself batty."

"I think people are a little concerned with the election," said Gene Woo in Oakland. "You see all buildings boarding up. It gets people a little concerned."

Even at lunch hour, downtown Oakland was very quiet Thursday. Woo said there has been some tension here since many office workers asked to leave work early on Tuesday.

"I'm old enough to remember close elections," he said. "Guess it's just different when people are so divided."

"For me it was important to at least feel good, get a haircut and enjoy the process," explained Perry Graham in Point Richmond. "Because it is a process."

Graham said he's paying attention but also letting go a little bit, trying to avoid the manic focus he is seeing among some of his friends.

"I've got friends all over the country," Graham said. "Listening to their feeds on social media, it was like these biorhythms that were up and down and all over. At the end of the day you have to go out, you have to take care of your family and take care yourself. Hopefully within the next 24 hours we will have answers."

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