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Bay Area Tech CEO Calls Trump Campaign 'Un-American' In Full Page Ads

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A Bay Area tech CEO shelled out some serious cash for a full page ad in the New York Times, and a Cleveland newspaper featuring an open letter to Donald Trump.

"Dear Donald, Americans are frustrated and scared. You've channeled this into your nomination," the letter published Sunday read.

Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek – a food tech company in San Francisco, penned and paid for the ad.

"We wanted to make sure that the Trump campaign gets a chance to see it. All the Republicans there, many good, many who stand against this kind of talk, these kinds of values," Tetrick said.

Tetrick said he wanted to take a stand against Trump's bullying, and mean-spirited language toward women, immigrants, and others.

"If Mitt Romney was running against Hillary Clinton, I wouldn't write an open letter in the New York Times, the Cleveland Plain Dealer. This is an entirely different deal. This is a value question," Tetrick said.

Tetrick commissioned a photographer in Cleveland to capture images of people reading his letter. He says he has received hundreds of positive text messages. But, he says he also has received death threats from angry Trump supporters.

"Your campaign doesn't just seem wrong. It feels un-American," the letter continued.

Tetrick's full page ad comes just days after 145 other tech CEOs also wrote an open letter blasting Trump; calling him a "disaster for innovation."

Tetrick says he's not done either. He plans to take on the Donald even more in the next few months.

Ads in the New York Times can cost as much as $190,000 for a full page. Tetrick says he got a discount because he has paid for ads for his business in the past.


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