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Bay Area Residents Hold Differing Opinions On Impeachment Inquiry

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- The current political storm in Washington has become so severe that's it's hard not to pay attention. And that was the case all over the Bay Area on Friday.

"I think there needs to be something on record historically that this president has done some immoral and unethical things and that is compromised our security," said Gary Pregler of San Francisco.

"I've been talking about this with my mom for the longest, since he first got into office," said Jabari Cotton of Alameda. "I was like, 'This is not gonna last more than 2 1/2 years.'"

For Cotton, the past few days have only confirmed his belief that President Trump is unfit for office.

"We have enough information and everything to make this happen," Cotton said of impeachment.

In Danville, however, people were expressing a different opinion.

"We have so many other things we could be working on, like drugs, that senior citizens like myself buy," said Barbara Waitrovich "We should be looking at those costs and things of that nature. We're wasting our time, and the congress does nothing and I'm tired of it."

Waitrovich, who described herself as a Trump supporter, said impeachment will certainly die in the Senate.

But even among those who support impeachment proceedings, there was some hesitation.

"I do have some reservations, because it could make our country more polarized," Pregler explained.

He said impeachment is not so straightforward.

"It is complicated, because it's not political," said Pregler. "It's about the American people, and it's about what is right for our country as a whole, regardless of what your political party. However it's been made political."

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