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Bay Area Parks Reopen After End Of Government Shutdown

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – While the end of the federal government shutdown meant that many recreation spaces reopened on Monday, some Bay Area parks will feel the lingering effects of the shutdown for weeks to come.

It was business as usual in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area on Monday, a situation that made both employees and tourists glad.

Empty trash cans, an open parking lot and rangers on patrol all added up to a collective sigh of relief and a steady stream of orders at Mary Margaret Stewart's Siren Canteen at Stinson Beach.

"Definitely relieved. You know, I wasn't going to be open today because it costs so much and, on Mondays, it isn't worth it. But today, I could do so," Stewart told KPIX.

During the government shutdown, she covered the costs of opening the Stinson Beach parking lot so customers could still come and eat. But on Monday, neither she nor the community GoFundMe page had to fork over a dime.

That's good news for Stewart's bottom line.

"It's not cheap," she said.

But the federal closures, partial or otherwise, didn't come without a cost. Stewart says the bathroom renovations at Stinson are now five weeks behind.

In San Francisco, rangers were busy assessing the damage to boats at the Hyde Street Pier from the storms that rolled through the region when few workers were on the clock to take care of the vessels.

"Apparently, there was some damage to the ships over the last 30 days, so they aren't letting people on," said tourist Leif Aakre.

Tourists were told the two ships would likely be open tomorrow, but many chose not to visit in the meantime.

Even the usually packed parking lot at Muir Woods had rare vacancies Monday, with many tourists left unsure of the access so soon after the end of the shutdown.

Timing worked out for visitor Lindsey Stolley and her family. They were happy to see volunteers back and rangers once again giving their talks under the trees.

"We really wanted to come here," said Stolley. "We have for years and weren't able to before. We're really glad."

The deal that allows the parks to fully reopen is only funded until February 15th unless Capitol Hill can come to an agreement.

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