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Bay Area Mask Wearers Share Their Stories Of Awkward Moments, Mask Fatigue

EL CERRITO (KPIX) - We've been wearing these masks now for months in the Bay Area. For some people, they are starting to feel the effects of 'mask fatigue.' They are now part of our daily routine, part of our wardrobe. Some folks are adjusting better than others.

"It's been awful," says Elizabeth Gill,

"I'm tired of it by now but, I guess everybody else is too," adds 85-year-old mask wearer Dominick Inferera.

Latondra Goode doesn't mind her mask.

"I don't mind because we're protecting each other," says Goode.

The vast majorities of folks comply and wear masks but some do not. When the two meet, sometimes it's awkward.

Nancy Weber was in line at the meat counter one day.

"Some woman came in between the two of us and just leaned down to look at something right in front of me, and I asked her to please get out of my space. She told me to calm down!" says Weber.

It seems everyone has a tale of moments like this. Stories of folks crossing streets avoiding each other, suspicious looks exchanged in stores. Sometimes its verbal, thankfully, rarely physical.

"One individual came in without a mask and I said, Hey, where's your mask? They said, in the car but I just said forget it, to myself. I can't confront anybody," says Gill.

Lucinda Young recalls this encounter -- "Someone had their mask around their neck, she was waiting on me and I asked her to put on her mask, please cover her nose and she did so."

Curtis Chaing was wearing a helmet, a hat, sunglasses and a mask.

"Right! To protect me from the sun."

It's unclear when the mandate to wear masks will end. Some folks said they may continue wearing masks even after the health orders are lifted.

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