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Bay Area man finding joy in golf after life-changing crash

Game Day: Bay Area golfer making most of 2nd chance
Game Day: Bay Area golfer making most of 2nd chance 02:38

Every time Anthony Losconia swings a golf club, he feels grateful.

"They told me I would never be 100 percent," he said. "I was afraid I was never going to work again, but thankfully I'm here today." 

His golf swing has persevered the lowest of lows.

"I really couldn't do anything," Losconia said. "I could walk but I couldn't use my arms. It was hard for me to eat, write, or even bathe at times." 

Losconia was in a car crash when he was 19 years old. He was left without mobility in his arms, taking away an opportunity for him to play baseball and leaving him feeling lost. 

"Knowing that I wouldn't ever be able to play sports again, it was tough," he told KPIX.

Doctors originally told Losconia that he had just jammed his arms badly in the crash. But he insisted that something was wrong.

Cat scans indicated he would need surgery. Losconia had to work for years in physical therapy to gain mobility back. It was something doctors never imagined would happen. 

A few years later, bored at home, he decided he was going to buy a set of golf clubs. Before long he was hooked, realizing he could play the sport he never gave much attention to. He later found the Bay Area Golf Tour, a league that brings together golfers of all skill levels. 

"Just to see him swing is pretty insane to me," Jeff Rojas, founder of the Bay Area Golf Tour said. "There's a lot of people who come from different backgrounds, different ages. To see all these players who wouldn't have met if it wasn't for this sport."

Rojas said that Losconia was initially pretty timid, but when he did open up about his past and his injury, the other golfers could not believe it. 

Now, Losconia has a hole-in-one under his belt. He's turned a tragedy into many triumphs, which acts as his therapy. 

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