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Bay Area 'Hacker Homes' Provide Space To Young Tech Workers

PALO ALTO (CBS 5) -- Up and coming techies in the now have more options when it comes to finding a place to call their own, as so-called "hacker homes" pop up all over the Bay Area.

These dorm-type apartments offer a place for tenants to not only live, but work as well. Residents, who are mostly men in their 20s, are comprised of aspiring tech entrepreneurs who are hoping to make it big in Silicon Valley.

The rent can run anywhere from $8 to $40 a night. If the price doesn't bring tenants in, the camaraderie aspect might. Potential residents are screened by current tenants to make sure the individual's skills will contribute something to the group.

Ross Dakin said, "I just live here because it is nice being in company in like minded folks, I learn something new every day, every body is doing something different, you make good connections and it's cheap."

Emilie Badin came from France six months ago and now runs a hacker house of her own. She just launched her own company called Startuparc, a company that helps people find hacker homes in their area.

"The concept is to offer a space for hackers and team members where they can work as they live and live as they work," she said. "This is the new concept of coworker space in Silicon Valley."

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