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Fans of Niners, Eagles swill beers, trade shots at Kezar Pub in San Francisco

Niners, Eagles fans swill beers, trade shots at Kezar Pub watch party
Niners, Eagles fans swill beers, trade shots at Kezar Pub watch party 03:33

SAN FRANCISCO -- Sunday's game between the 49ers and Eagles was exactly what Bay Area fans were waiting for, a grudge match after Philadelphia knocked all of San Francisco's quarterbacks out of last season's NFC title game. And, as it turned out, the Kezar Pub in San Francisco was a place that fans from both teams could call home.

The Kezar Pub is normally a Niners hangout but it's also the bar of choice for Eagles fans to watch their games. As she poured drink after drink, bartender Mary Lemos said the matchup was not just good for football but also good for business.

"It is just as busy -- off-the-hook busy -- for Eagles as it is off-the-hook busy for Niners," Lemos said. "If you look around, it's about 50/50 right now. We expect it to be 50/50 Eagles, Niners.

And while there may be some hard feelings after last season's disastrous NFC title game, Frankie Fusco brushed off the fact that his fellow Eagles fans once attacked a guy in a Santa suit.

"I think Philadelphia gets a bad rap just because of throwing snowballs at Santa, which was, what, in the 60s? Like, get over it!" he said.

Jordan Lilley, a traveling nurse from Philadelphia, understood that 49ers fans were looking for some payback.

"They're hyped. They're ready for revenge after we hurt, what, two of their quarterbacks last year?" she said. "This is Philly territory! We like to dominate enemy territory! Fly, Eagles, fly!

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The Eagles dominated the first quarter but only came away with two field goals. In the second quarter, San Franciso scored two touchdowns, ending the half with a comfortable lead.

"This game is very special," said Niners fan Jeremy Rojas. "Especially the way it ended last year in the NFC Championship game. Kind of feels like we left some meat on the bone with Purdy going down. So, it's a little bit personal this time around. So that's why we're all here."

After halftime, the 49ers continued scoring, eventually putting the game out of reach. and even those watching from the sidewalk outside the bar had their revenge. Both fan bases had the feeling that this probably isn't the end.

"Both Niners and Eagles have a tough schedule for the rest of the year," said 49ers fan Peter Lewczyk. "But, I think, moving forward in the playoffs when we see them again, definitely, it's going to be another blood bath. It'll be fun."

"I think definitely these teams seem like they are on a crash course," said Eagles fan Philip Zurborg. "I don't think this is the last time they'll see each other."

Which means these fans will probably all be back at the Kezar Pub in January. Meanwhile, the fight is on for home field advantage in the playoffs. After Sunday's loss, Philadelphia still had a one-game lead but they face Dallas in their next game, putting Niners fans in the uncomfortable position of having to root for the Cowboys.

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