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BART service plagued by more delays in the East Bay

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PITTSBURG -- A power issue has stopped BART service between the Antioch and Pittsburg/Bay Point stations Friday afternoon, one of several problems causing delays for the transit agency.

BART issued an alert at about 1:10 p.m. about the problem and did not give an estimate for when it might be resolved.

Tri-Delta Transit is providing bus service along the train route during the service disruption. BART also reported delays at the Union City station due to police activity and other issues with trains being taken out of service because of mechanical problems.

It was the latest problem the transit agency has faced. Earlier, a train-control problem in the East Bay forced BART to single track between the Coliseum and Bay Fair stations for about an hour Friday morning, causing systemwide delays.

BART initially reported the issue at around 8 a.m., saying there was a 20-minute delay on the Berryessa Line in all directions due to an equipment problem on the track between Bay Fair and San Leandro. A short time later, the transit service began single-tracking trains between the Coliseum and Bay Fair stations.   

The issue was resolved shortly before 9 a.m. and single tracking was canceled.

Earlier Friday morning, BART officials reported there could be delays systemwide due to wet weather conditions.

BART is reporting there may be delays of up to 10 minutes. Officials are asking riders to watch their steps on wet platforms and stairways.

The service advisory about the wet conditions was first sent out just before 5 a.m.

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