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BART to provide 50% discount on all fares using Clipper for September anniversary

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OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- To mark its 50th anniversary in September, BART recently announced it would be offering a 50% off discounted fare for the entire month. 

The transit agency noted that the discounted fare will be automatically deducted at the fare gates for all BART riders using Clipper. A press release issued by BART said the agency's online trip planner and fare calculator will soon be updated to show discounted fares during the month of September. 

BART train during pandemic (CBS)

The agency noted that while it would be sharing discounted fares with other apps and websites, BART said they can't guarantee that other sources will display them. While printed fare charts at vending machines won't be changed, there will be a large decal posted to inform riders of the 50% discount on published fares for September.

BART emphasized that the discount is only available for riders using Clipper. There is currently an offer for free Clipper cards when riders add a new card in Apple Wallet or Google Pay. The card can also be ordered for free online and set up automatic reloading. However, riders who need to get a new Clipper card from a BART station vending machine will have to purchase them for a one-time $3 fee.

The transit agency also noted that the 50% discount would be in addition to any existing discounts some riders receive, such as the 50% discount for youth riders age 5-18 and the 62.5% discount for senior riders.

The discounted fare for the month is one of several ways the agency will be marking five decades of service in the Bay Area. Additional information is available on the BART website.  

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