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BART Testing New Cars To Include More Bike Space, But Only At One End

OAKLAND (KCBS)— Bicycle advocates are upset that the new rail cars BART is going to test, starting this summer, will only have space for bikes at one end.

The "Fleet of the Future" will have more bike space, and possibly wheel-holding Danish bike racks, but having them only at one end of the trains is a mistake, according to Dave Campbell with the advocate group, Bike East Bay.

"When you enter a BART car now, you sort of expect there's going to be space for luggage, strollers, or bikes at each door and that's the way we want it with the new cars…at each end," Campbell said.

Bringing a bike on BART can be problematic, especially if the train is jammed with commuters. The Danish racks will test bike-wheel holders to line cycles up neatly

Campbell's group, and the BART Bicycle Advisory Task Force are asking the BART Board to reconsider. At least, they say, try half of the 10 test cars coming this summer, with room for bikes at both ends, to see which way works better.

BART declined to comment, before the board is scheduled to vote February 26th on the new redesign. Campbell and fellow bike advocates intend to plead their case then.

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