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BART Passenger Talks About Getting Threatening Robbery Note

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A female BART passenger on Sunday told KPIX 5 about a frightening situation where someone handed her a threatening note Saturday afternoon on train in San Francisco.

Julie Dragland said it was the most scared she's ever been in her life.

At 4:51 p.m. Saturday, Dragland told police that she was on a Dublin-bound train when someone handed her a note that said guns were pointed at her and she should give her wallet and phone to the person behind her without turning around.

She tweeted a photo of the note after the incident.

Dragland said she didn't turn around, but decided to create a scene.

"So I... if I fake a seizure or fake like I'm passing out, I'm not even not complying," said Dragland. "I'm scared and reacting so, I started slumped over to the left and started shaking and people started to notice and they're like, 'Are you okay? Are you okay?'"

One reason she didn't hand over her belongings was because she knew she was catching an international flight later Sunday.

Later, Dragland spoke with an officer in Oakland and gave police more information. The victim was not sure who handed her the note and no one appeared to have a gun.

Dragland said the mysterious person got off the train during the commotion. She didn't get a good look, but described the would-be robber as an older white woman pulling a suitcase.

BART says it is investigating the case. officers checked Civic Center station but didn't find anyone matching the suspect's description.

"I was terrified and then I started to be like, is somebody really going to shoot someone for a phone and a wallet? I don't know. I started to question it a little bit, but I was still really scared," said Dragland.

BART authorities said the victim declined to press charges if the suspect is found since she wasn't robbed. BART said it pulled the surveillance video from that train Sunday and a detective will be reviewing it.


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