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BART's new fare gate installation begins at West Oakland station

End of BART paper tickets comes as agency works to improve the system
End of BART paper tickets comes as agency works to improve the system 02:10

Workers began installing new fare gates at the West Oakland BART station Friday, the first of the revamped gates to be rolled out systemwide as part of an effort to harden stations and improve security.

BART posted images of the construction on social media and said the gates, featuring clear swinging barriers that can block fare evaders, would open by Dec. 31. 

The agency indicated the initial test of the new gates would have the upgraded gates as the only option, as passengers would tend to avoid the new gates in favor of the old ones. With one entry gate and one exit gate available during the two weeks of construction, BART advised passengers that lines will form during peak hours.

"We are sorry for this inconvenience and understand the frustration but we didn't want to close the station during construction," said the caption on the social media post.  

On its website, BART said the new fare gates were part of its latest effort to win riders back and overhaul safety in the system. The high-tech gates are designed to boost safety by reducing fare evasion, and make it easier for people with bicycles, wheelchairs and strollers to get through the system.

BART's $90 million Next Generation Fare Gate project calls for all stations to have new fare gates by the end of 2025. 

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