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BART Bridge Connects Rail Line To Future In Santa Clara County For The First Time

SAN JOSE (KCBS)— Bay Area Rapid Transit crews put the finishing touches of a bridge that will connect its past with the future. The bridge in Fremont will lead BART into Santa Clara County for the first time.

BART officials were excited about the rail line's progress into the South Bay's Warm Springs Station and see it as much more than just a piece of infrastructure.

"This is a very important day for us because it represents the moment when BART is moving into Santa Clara County," said Molly MacArthur a spokeswoman for the extension project. She noted the Warm Springs Station will eventually connect to San Jose.

BART Bridge Connects Rail Line To Future In Santa Clara County For The First Time

She also commented on the amount of thought that was put into the architectural style of the bridge.

"We've made it look as if it is a feature of the environment. We have some reliefs that refer to the adjacent Tule Ponds. So it is a very nice looking structure as well as being the functional bridge across. I think people will really appreciate it," she said.

Many passengers will certainly appreciate being able to someday take BART all the way to San Jose.

As it is now, one commuter, LaShawn Phillips, had to ride BART from Oakland to Fremont and then take a bus to San Jose.

"It feels really great that there's a BART that [will go] to San Jose. It's a good thing," she said.

Trains are expected to begin running to Warm Springs in late 2015 and on to San Jose by 2017.

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