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BART Board Explores Fare Increases, Parking Rate Hike

OAKLAND (KCBS) – The cost to ride Bay Area Rapid Transit is likely to get more expensive in the coming year, and the price to park at stations could be rising as well.

The BART Board of Directors is considering renewing an inflation-based fee increase program that went into effect in 2006 and expired last year.

"If they do choose to renew it, we've already calculated what the next fare increase would be. It would be a 5.3 percent increase, which is about 18 cents more to our average fare," said BART spokesperson Alicia Trost.

BART Board Explores Fare Increases, Parking Rate Hike

If adopted, the fee increase would go into effect January 2014.

Also under consideration is a demand-based parking program in the East Bay.

"The bottom line is this – we don't charge enough to cover the cost to provide the parking space right now," Trost said. "We're trying to figure out other ways of bringing in revenue to help cover that cost that doesn't affect our fares."

The proposed changes to BART's paid parking programs would authorize the increase, in up to 50 cent increments, for daily parking fees and reserved parking permits at lots that are consistently full.

Currently, for stations on the Peninsula with parking, fees have been adjusted periodically based on usage. But for East Bay stations with parking, the current parking policy allows for the implementation of a $1/day parking fee (except for at West Oakland, where it is currently $5 per day). The policy does not allow for adjustments based on use.

The full BART Board of Directors is expected to take action on both proposals at a future meeting.

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