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San Francisco Condo Attack Suspect Austin Vincent Charged In Second Assault

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Austin Vincent, whose release from jail after an alleged vicious attack on a San Francisco woman sparked a growing outrage in the city, was back in police custody Monday, charged in a second assault.

Vincent was arrested on a new assault warrant detailing nine new charges immediately after a short court appearance for the Aug. 11th attack of Paneez Kosarian outside her waterfront condo complex.

Investigators said Vincent, armed with a knife, also allegedly made a threat to kill a group of people as they waited outside a local restaurant for a Uber ride share on Feb. 4th at the corner of 4th and Brannan.

"She was -- they were -- attacked by Mr. Vincent with a knife," said Deputy Chief Greg McEachern of the San Francisco Police Department. "Those individuals called for an Uber ride and they were able to get into the Uber and leave the scene."

The victims ran to the Uber and eventually left the City. Officers responded to the scene at the time, but were unable to locate any of the involved parties.

SF assault suspect Austin James Vincent
SF assault suspect Austin James Vincent (SFPD)

One of the victims called police last week after seeing Vincent's photo on news reports about the Aug. 11th condo attack. Investigators said other victims have confirmed Vincent was the suspect in the knife threat.

Deputy Chief Greg McEachern talks about the investigation of Austin Vincent


"In both of these incidents, the one that was on video and the allegations in the new case we have, show some serious criminal activity that warrant a real strong look at whether or not there is s threat to public safety [if Vincent is not in jail]," said McEachern.

He said investigators were checking with the restaurant and surrounding businesses to see if there was any recording of the second alleged assault.

Upon obtaining an arrest warrant, officers began surveillance of Vincent who was wearing a court ordered ankle monitor and was receiving treatment in a San Francisco residential facility. Vincent's attorneys arranged for him to surrender at his court appearance in San Francisco Superior Court on Monday.

San Francisco police were also investigating separate incidents in the Central and Southern Police Districts to determine if Vincent was involved. The victims in these cases also came forward after seeing Vincent's booking photo following his August 11th arrest.

"There are at least two other incidents within the last couple months, in both of those incidents, the victims have come forward to us based on Mr. Vincent's pictures being put out in the media and have indicated to us they were victims of crimes in which Mr. Vincent was the perpetrator," McEachern said.

The deputy chief said the incidents all have some similarities.

The developments over the past week have struck a nerve with city residents concerned about public safety.

"It's quite alarming when you saw the video of the attack, and now we're seeing all of the other women coming forward," said SF resident Claire Harmon. She says she's been following the twists and turns of the case, which has put a microscope on how the city's justice and mental health systems struggle to manage the situation on city streets.

"I think everyone knows it," said Harmon. "We see it every day here in San Francisco. It's on the street, it's around the corner."

Meanwhile over the weekend, the public defender's officer announced that Vincent remained in complete compliance with the conditions of his release in the Aug. 11th attack.

"Austin Vincent has been in complete compliance with the conditions of his release orders issued by Judge Van Aken at his arraignment last Tuesday," according to a statement from the public defender's office.

Vincent's release from jail by Judge Christine Van Aken has drawn criticism from San Francisco Mayor London Breed and the San Francisco Police Officers Association among others.

KPIX 5 has obtained the transcript of Austin Vincent's first court appearance, his arraignment on August 13th following the attack at the Watermark. That is the hearing in which a judge ordered his release on ACM (Assertive Case Management).

To see how the prosecutor and public defender handled that hearing and what questions the judge was asking, the entire transcript of the hearing is available to read here.

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