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Augmented Reality Expo Showcases 3-D Hologram Technology

SANTA CLARA (KPIX 5) -- An international augmented reality showcase was underway in Santa Clara Friday, showing how 3-D computer holograms will soon become a part of our daily lives.

The Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara features 250 companies with the most ground-breaking augmented and virtual reality technology from around the world.

One of the companies participating, HoloCap, creates 3-D holograms. It was just launched on the market two weeks ago.

"HoloCap is a system for getting real people in real time into any virtual environment. Whether it's a virtual moon, a virtual bar, a spaceship or a classroom, we can get you into that space," said HoloCap co-founder Peder Boerresen

Users can make their own hologram that can live forever. It takes 30 images per second to create the subjects virtual self to take wherever they want to go. It can be inserted into any type of simulation it can be used for Hollywood to education to medicine.

Soon, virtual and augmented reality will be used on the job, like one example on display, a Golden I Infinity smart screen. It can show instructions or the internet to crews in factories who need their hands-free while they work.

"A smart screen that weighs a pound and a half. You can drop it and it clips onto any pair of glasses," said Golden I Infinity Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike McMahon. "So the whole thing -- if you're in a factory and you've got a cable and you're concerned -- you can you can pull it and holding pops right off."

Organizers say augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR will soon be a part of our everyday lives.

"I think the main thing we're saying this year is that XR – so AR and VR -- are set for major growth. And there are many indications here in the show and across industry are pointing to that," said Ori Inbar, Augmented World Expo Founder and CEO.

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