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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says 'Hasta La Vista' To Gay Marriage Hater On Facebook

(CBS SF) -- Arnold Schwarzenegger channeled the Terminator for a snappy reply to an anti-gay marriage Facebook fan after he turned his profile photo rainbow for pride celebrations.

An overwhelming number of people appreciated Schwarzenegger's post in favor of marriage equality. By Monday morning, over 277,300 people liked the post. But Jakub Bielawski was apparently not among those.

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"What's wrong with U Arnie? I have to unlike," Bielawski wrote, according to several screenshots documenting the exchange.

Schwarzenegger, a Republican, replied several minutes later with "Hasta la vista." Bielawski may have deleted the comment since then.

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The Terminator actor has expressed more open views on same-sex marriage over the last five years. Most recently during the religious freedom law debate in Indiana, he praised openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook and others for speaking out against it while chastising those in his party who choose "the politics of division over policies that improve the lives of all of us."

His views were more mixed during his time as California's governor. He performed two marriage ceremonies for gay couples, even though he vetoed same-sex marriage. He also signed a bill that removed the 60-year-old "gay cure" provision.

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