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Apple iPhone's Bends And Bugs Raise Questions About Tim Cook's Leadership

MOUNTIAN VIEW (KCBS) — One week after making headlines with the biggest iPhone launch ever, Apple is now doing damage control with several high-profile gaffes from a buggy software update to reports that the new devices bend too easily.

Apple iPhone's Bends And Bugs Raise Questions About Tim Cook's Leadership

"Bendgate" is what the media are calling reports of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bending in some people's pants pockets.

"Now I'm really worried," one woman, who purchased an iPhone 6, said. "I just spent so much money on it and now I feel that it's going to break at any moment."

Other new owners, however, aren't as concerned.

"I'm not too worried about that; their customer service is always awesome so they always find some way to manage it and they can always replace your phone for free—no problem," another man said.

Apple is standing by it's hardware, saying it's only heard from nine customers complaining of iPhone 6 Pluses.

Shara Tibken is a senior writer for CNET and told KCBS the bending problem is something of a catch-22 for Apple.

"The company keeps pushing to make devices that are lighter but that comes as a tradeoff for the device not being as sturdy. So this really does raise questions about Apple's process and what it's doing to make sure these devices are really perfect before it actually releases them on the market," she said.

Meanwhile, late Thursday, Apple released a software update iOS 8.0.2, which is expected to fix bugs in the previous update that rendered some iPhones unable to make calls.

Tipken said that these problems do raise questions about Apple CEO Tim Cook's leadership.

"He's really been trying to improve himself and show that Apple, under his leadership, has a high standard that it had under Steve Jobs and that it can keep innovating. But when you see issues like this, it really raises questions about what's going on," she said.

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