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Anglers Fear State EPA Study Would Bring Ban On Lead In Fishing Gear

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- California's Department of Toxic Substances Control, a part of the state Environmental Protection Agency, is getting a virtual earful from the sportfishing industry over the agency's proposed investigation into the use of toxic substances -- including lead, zinc and copper -- in fishing gear.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Friday that the state has received more than 1,300 comments expressing opposition to a proposed three-year-long investigation, an investigation that would, if conducted, examine toxic substances used in cosmetics, cleaners and many other household products, in addition to fishing equipment.

The department's Priority Products Work Plan (PDF) is part of the Safer Consumer Products Program of the California Green Chemistry Initiative -- part of an effort to get manufacturers to use safer ingredients in their products.

But many anglers are concerned that the study will result in a ban on lead weights along with other metals used in fishing tackle.


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