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Analyst Predicts Apple To Buy Tesla For $75 Billion

CUPERTINO (CBS SF) -- Apple may be in the market to buy Tesla, according to the rumor mill.

An influential blogger is predicting Apple will buy Tesla within 18-months for $75 billion.

Apple has been rumored to be interested in buying Tesla for the last year, and just last week it was reported that Apple would begin working on its own electric car.

"They're thinking gee this car thing could be a good idea, and might be an even better idea if Tesla and Apple merge. Then, Apple wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel and Tesla and Apple have a certain amount of affinity, and Tesla stores could move Apple products, and with some modifications Apple stores could move Tesla cars," Tech Analyst Rob Enderle said.

Enderle says Tesla was built on Apple's model, so talks of a sale or merger make sense.

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