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Why Are My Allergies Kicking In So Early This Year?

KPIX 5 Morning Weather Anchor Roberta Gonzales answers the questions you never get to ask on-air.

Q: Roberta, I am suffering from seasonal allergies. Isn't it too early?  - Wanda Gibbons, Brentwood

A: Yes, it is a bit premature for Allergy Season, but there is a reason!

Blame it on the drought. That's right. The lack of significant rainfall has left  Bay Area residents reaching for the tissue. Spring officially arrives on March 20 (35 days away), but people around the Bay Area are already suffering with Seasonal Allergies. Trees are pollinating and people are miserable. It is believed approximately 40 million Americans have aggressive reactions to high pollen counts.

What is the culprit for the you sneezing and wheezing and suffering from itchy eyes? Throughout the past few years, when there is a rain deficit, Seasonal Allergies have been kicking in from January through May. And just because the allergy season is beginning sooner, don't think it will end sooner.  As of today, it is the Alder, Birch and Juniper pollen counts which are escalating. In April, the Oak pollen count comes into play, and in the month of May it is the Grasses which cause discomfort.

If you enjoy exercise outdoors, in order to alleviate your reaction to high pollen counts, it is best to work out in the early morning hours or during the evening.

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