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All Day Party In San Francisco's Castro District To Celebrate Biden-Harris Victory

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Four days of election angst and anxiety gave way to a spontaneous dance party Saturday night in San Francisco's Castro District.

Energy burned through the streets in virtually every direction. Thousands danced from day to night, lighting up the district in costumes, and with signs.

At times, they burst into chants for President Elect Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, who is a Bay Area native.

From Chopper 5, you could see the crowd grow by the hour, and on the ground, you could see joy on faces that were for the most part masked.

"Definitely Kamala Harris' speech that really brought me to tears, and I think their campaign did a lot of emotions when I think, wow here are two competent people who are about to help us fix a lot of problems," said Gus Graves of San Francisco.

Lisa Morgan of Livermore brought her Biden-Harris sign that she's taken with her across the country during the campaign season.

"Oh my God, this is just awesome, I have been clenching my teeth and unhappy for four freaking years. For the first time ever I can relax," said Morgan. "It is such a great thing for women all around the world."

It was a startling scene in a neighborhood that for months has been largely quiet due to the pandemic.

Many people said they felt hopeful for the first time in an otherwise grim year.

"We've actually been here since noon with the disco ball, she came out early, we knew the Castro would want to celebrate and we've been missing being inside and dancing, so we brought the party to the street," said Shannon Weber of San Francisco.

There was a large police presence throughout the night. Celebrations rolled on without any major incidents.

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