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Alameda winter market showcases local businesses, community initiatives

Alameda offering night market holiday shopping experience for residents, visitors
Alameda offering night market holiday shopping experience for residents, visitors 03:04

ALAMEDA — In the heart of downtown Alameda, holiday shopping takes center stage, offering a unique experience for locals and visitors alike.

Chris Tam, owner of All Good Living, emphasizes the significance of the Winter Market, stating, "It's a really great opportunity. The Downtown Alameda Business Association gives all Alameda vendors a booth for only $50, and yeah, it really takes care of us."

Having operated All Good Living for over a decade, Chris Tam reflects on the evolution of his store, which specializes in Alameda Pride merchandise. 

"We started making city pride clothes for babies when my kids were young, and now they're old, so then it evolved," Tam explained. "And we started selling to Whole Foods and some baby markets and then gift stores, and now we sell to all kinds of stores."

As one of many vendors participating in the Winter Market on Central Avenue, Tam notes the importance of such events for small businesses. 

"It's great for small businesses cause a lot of people are shopping online, and a lot of retail and people in the city are struggling right now," Tam said. "So, it's good for all the vendors."

Tam, accompanied by his daughter and her friends, highlights the City's efforts to revitalize the downtown area, addressing concerns about shoplifting. 

"It hasn't been too bad at our place, but our neighbor's vendors have been happening a lot," Tam said.

In another part of the city on Webster Street, the West Alameda Association introduces the Safety Neighborhood Ambassador project. This initiative aims to provide community support, directions, and assistance for pedestrians and shoppers from Thursdays to Sundays between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. until Dec. 31. 

Although the program has commenced, no ambassadors were observed during our visit on Saturday night.

Back at the Winter Market, Chris Tam walks us to his store, emphasizing the safe environment for shoppers. 

"We grew up here, so we have a lot of pride in our town," Tam said.

The market not only showcases the diverse offerings of local businesses but also underscores community initiatives aimed at enhancing safety and support for all.

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