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Alameda Homeowner Hopes to End Political Halloween Decoration Tradition

ALAMEDA (KPIX) -- While spiders and ghosts are typical decorations for Halloween, that's not the case for one home in Alameda. Some neighbors say the decor is even spookier, while others argue it's unpatriotic.

For the past four years, Dan Balsam has put up Halloween decorations that depict specific moments of the Trump presidency. Balsam hopes this will be the last of his politics-theme decorations.

Year Four of Dan Balsam's Halloween display, he said, "Is our biggliest and best year so far."

On display at his corner are many of the events from the past year, right up to the nomination of judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

"It's a big part of Halloween in Alameda, I'm glad they have done it," neighbor Jess Berthold said.

While some would say this political display is over the top, they still support the Balsam family's creativity.

"I like to see people speaking out about what they believe in," said Andy Kjera, an Alameda resident.

"It's really cathartic for my wife and myself. I like to say that hate is energizing," Dan Balsam said. "The community seems to really like it. People wander over here and take 30 minutes taking it all in."

This may be the last Halloween of its kind for the Balsams. They say they will always celebrate Halloween with their son but the outcome of the presidential election in November will dictate the theme for next year.

"If I had to bet, we're not doing this next year," Balsam said.

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