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AC Transit Sees More Riders After Route Changes

ALAMEDA (KCBS) - Ridership on AC Transit's two Dumbarton Express bus lines, from Union City to the Peninsula, was up 15% this August, compared to ridership figures from August 2012.

"It's partially due to the fact that we've extended service and we've changed the route and we added more frequency along the lines," explained the transit system's spokesman, Clarence Johnson. "That's really gratifying for us."

AC Transit Sees More Riders Routes After Making Changes

The changes were made possible by additional funding from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

"The service itself has been in existence for many decades. And it's been a good service, it's been an essential service for many people on the southern end of Alameda County trying to get to the Peninsula," said Johnson.

"The ridership has jumped about 15%. We were averaging about 25,000 riders a month and now we're up to about 29,000 to 30,000 riders a month."

It remained to be seen whether changes would be made to additional routes.

"We will be looking at that," Johnson confirmed. "This is very good news and it certainly does indicate that you know if you build it they will come kind of thing and so we will take that into consideration."

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