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About The Bay: Tuesday's Low-Interest Election In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - Tuesday is Election Day around the Bay Area but in San Francisco political insiders say that only a small percentage of the electorate will turn out.

"A good guess would be about 20 percent," Sam Singer, a political consultant said. "This is very low interest election."

About the Bay: Tuesday's Low-Interest Election In San Francisco

So only one out of five? That's bad but in 2001 only one in six turned out—which is record for being the lowest.

City officials are a bit more optimistic, however.

"We're thinking between a 30 to 35 percent turn out," Director of Elections John Arntz said.

That's still low but you can count me in.

Since I was at City Hall, I voted early. It's not a big ballot but propositions B and C are the stars of this election.

Both have to do with a condo, shopping and recreational development at 8 Washington, along the Embarcadero. Both sides make good points.

One side claims it will create neighborhood housing and a new waterfront park, while other says that the project will raise waterfront height limits to twice that of the old Embarcadero Freeway.

There's a lot of money being spent on few votes. Although I suppose that depends on what you consider to be a lot of money.

Condos at 8 Washington may go for $5 million each—so far, that's less than what is being spent on the propositions.

"Why do I need to vote on this?" I thought, so I didn't. I think that professional planners should be making that decision.

As for the three candidates on the ballot, they are running unopposed.

I voted for them.

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