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About The Bay: Bay Area Couple Brews Mobile Coffee Concept

ALAMEDA (KCBS) - Two local entrepreneurs are trying to revolutionize the coffee business, revving up a roaming espresso machine of sorts.

"We want to be the new ice cream truck for adults," Zeva Williams described Get Goes Mobile Cafe, which she launched with her husband, Jeff, a little less than a year ago.

"We like the idea of driving around the neighborhoods having people come out in their pajamas with their cups and get all excited like they were when they were little and the ice cream man came," she said.

Unlike the ice cream truck of your youth, there's no jingle or melodic tune emanating from the Williams' mode of transportation - a crimson red van with side windows that allow for walk-up customers when it's parked curbside.

About the Bay: Bay Area Couple Brews Mobile Coffee Concept

Currently, Get Goes Mobile Cafe cruises through Oakland and Alameda only. Would-be customers are tipped off by neighborhood newsletters and Get Goes Mobile Cafe's Facebook page about scheduled stops or special appearances at things like sporting events and school functions.

"We're building community," said Zeva. "We're bringing neighbors together that never get together. And we love that part of it."

"It's pretty sweet," confirmed a customer who identified himself as Matt.

On the menu: drip coffee, espresso drinks and home baked goods, too.

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