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A Mom Made Healthy Ice Pops For Her Family And A Business Blossomed

WALNUT CREEK (KPIX 5) -- A Bay Area woman came up with an idea to help her mom, who was sick... And then she turned that idea into a booming business.

This is the monster pop, it's made of fruits and veggies, and the other ones are similar with healthy ingredients.

Made by a Bay Area mom whose business it taking off.

Kimberli Harris and her husband Luke have spent countless hours in the kitchen.

"We are in here 12 - 15 hours. My husband Luke usually stays to clean up and use the filling machine," Kimberli Harris said.

They're making healthy Fairytellla ice pops. They're similar to other pops, but with an Organic twist.

The idea came about when her mother was fighting breast cancer and given three months to live.

"So my mom and I totally changed her diet so we started juicing and eating raw foods and she lived more than three years," Harris said.

After her mother passed away, Harris discovered freezing the juice concoctions was not only a soothing treat to her little ones who were teething but it was a healthy treat for kids and adults.

"Watermelon, oranges and lemon, It's on the ingredient list on the ice pops. That's it. No stabilizers, no concentrates. No dyes. Real food," Harris said.

In the same year, Harris not only self-published her mother's short story about Fairyella the tooth fairy, she was inspired to make healthy ice pops and call them Fairyella ice pops.

"We are in the process of discovery -- We don't have a food industry background and so we've just been learning as we go. It's been really fun," said her husband Luke George.

The frozen treats come in four flavors: Lavender Lemonade, Orange Pop (orange, sweet potato, and pear), Green Monster Pop (cucumber, lemon, kale, celery and agave), and Watermelon Pop (watermelon, orange, and lemon).

Her message to moms with an idea:

"Go for it .... "

Currently Fairytellla ice pops are being carried in 22 Bay Area Whole Foods stores.

The couple is taking it one day at a time but realize growing a business means not giving up when the going gets tough.

Harris is about to unveil two new flavors as well: Coconut-Chocolate and Coconut-Blueberry.

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